Private Chef Services

As Chef Audra Angelique - "The Healing Chef", I promote a mostly vegan diet that is also gluten and casein free with plenty of wild caught fish and zero toxic additives or fillers.

My passion is to create...

  • unique gourmet food under these health parameters
  • specified gourmet food for humans with allergies and autoimmune disease

Clean Product Coaching & Education Services

Because my passion is to rid human bodies of toxic chemicals in order to enhance your quality of life and, in turn, the world's overall quality of life, I am asked to speak and partner with people via health education events and one-on-one coaching. I am constantly learning & trying to keep up with the latest scientific information regarding health & wellness. Inquire within. I can't wait to learn together!

Toxin Prevention & Replacement

Most disease is preventable. If you knew how to prevent disease, would you take action? It's your choice to live a toxic free life in your home. Educating yourself about toxic chemicals that can be easily replaced is the first step.


This Is What I Recommend.

I recommend Arbonne products because they are ALL plant-based,  VEGAN CERTIFIED, GLUTEN FREE & some are even KOSHER.

Arbonne offers a full array of incredible - NON-TOXIC - skin-care, bath & body, hair, sun, makeup & nutrition products that truly are second to none.

Why give your money to the big box stores that do not care even a smidgin about you and your families personal health? The only driving force for them is $$$.

But, this is why Arbonne has the advantage. Arbonne is MISSION DRIVEN FIRST. Yes, it is true that every company is and must be at least partially driven by money. This is what makes Arbonne stand alone in an over saturated market.

"Arbonne is a place where ordinary people do extraordinary things every day to enhance not only their lives but the lives of so many others". - Petter Morck, Arbonne Founder



The Arbonne Advantage.

The Arbonne Advantage.

  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan Certified (ZERO animal products or bi-products & ZERO animal testing.
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Sugars
  • No Artificial Dyes or Fragrances
  • Botanically Based
  • No Mineral Oils (MEANING distilled from black crude oil, YES 98% of personal care products made in the U.S.A. are derived from BLACK CRUDE OIL!)  
  • Zero formaldehyde-donating preservatives (parabens)


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